Ultimate Guide On Installing Stainless Steel Posts

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Ultimate Guide On Installing Stainless Steel Posts

When installing stainless steel posts, it is essential to get good and reliable fixings for the posts so that you can be assured of longevity and full security. Easyfix are the leading supplier of reliable stainless steel posts. The installation of stainless steel posts is not a hard task, it is however still important to opt for a professional.

Stainless steel posts often come pre-measured upon purchase and measurements are usually accurate. It is however important that you measure the bars after purchase to prevent any mistakes. Here is a simple, effective, and detailed guide on how to install your stainless steel posts.

Stainless Steel Posts Installation

The first step to installing your stainless steel posts includes the installation of parts of the post, which includes the fixing of knots and other integrated components. There might also be the need for steel bolts and plates that help connect the posts to the floor or wall. 

After determining where to fix your post, a drill hole is made. This is followed by the installation of expansion bolts. Keep the lengths of the bolts in mind as they would help determine how much you drill. Knowing the accurate length of your bolt will also help prevent loose-fitting, thereby keeping the posts from shaking. It is preferable to weld the posts sometimes.

The stainless steel posts are also connected to the ground surface in a way that ensures it stays fit. During the installation of embedded parts, there might be some errors. Therefore, before installing the post finally, ensure all the embedded parts are accurately fixed and if any deviation is noticed, correction should be made immediately.

You must make sure that all the stainless steel columns are properly fixed and welded or knotted. Bolts can also be used. To install properly, you would need a helping hand, this involved someone or two people holding the posts properly during installation so that it does not shake or fall. If you intend to fix a handrail for the balustrade later, you should also consider that as it would help determine how you fix your steel posts. Before leaving the posts to stand, ensure that the stainless steel bar docking is accurate and seam tight. 

If you are going to weld your posts, ensure that no marks or grease are on the posts before welding, clean all oil and blur stains with a clean wipe or cloth. After the welding has been completed, ensure that no marks are visible on the posts, if you see any visible marks, using a portable grinding wheeler and sandpaper would prove very helpful as it would help remove all visible welding seams.

Once the installation has been completed, you should polish the posts. Use a flannelette grinding wheel for polishing or any polishing paste that is suitable for stainless steel posts.


Stainless steel posts are fast becoming the trend for steel posts. This is a result of its durability and advancement in science. When installing your stainless steel posts, ensure that you first pre-check the measurement of the steel bars. 

Also, after installation, be sure that all knots are in place, if you welded, it is important to clean all grease marks and not leave any welding seams. This will help your stainless steel posts last longer, and save you from unnecessary future costs.

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