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If you are looking for glass holders, EasyFix is an ideal place to look. We have a varied selection of glass holders for both railings, stairs, balconies and more. As the name also suggests, the glass holder’s most important task is to hold the glass in place on your glass railing and secure the glass optimally against both wind and weather as well as not least loads of various kinds. In our range you can find different glass holders for both indoor and outdoor use, and you will find it all right here on the site. At EasyFix, you can always be sure of top quality and bottom prices, while we provide good service to all our customers. We sell tailor-made products and solutions that you can be completely confident in. When it comes to stainless steel glass holders and other glass fittings that must protect, secure and not least hold the glass in e.g. your handrail, we are some of the leaders in the market, and we always provide high-level product solutions.

Glass holders for every need

On this page, you can explore our wide selection of glass holders for different purposes on your own. Whatever your needs, we will definitely have a solution that will suit you. In our exciting selection, you can find glass holders in various solid quality materials. Take a look at our glass holders in zinc, chrome, satin or stainless steel. In addition to different materials, you can also find solutions in very different sizes and sizes, and therefore there is also a high probability that you can find exactly what you are looking for with us. No matter what type of glass or glass thickness you need, we have glass holders that will keep your glass securely clamped. Our models have holes for screws, so they are quick and easy to install. The glass holders can be mounted securely in all directions and at various heights on your columns and railing posts.

By clamping the glass to e.g. your handrail posts, you are sure that the glass is firmly attached and that you get a stable, durable and not least durable handrail. On this page, we have collected some of our best glass holders for different purposes. Whatever you choose, you are sure to get a really solid solution with you home. You can explore further in our different models of glass holders, and here at EasyFix you can find glass holders in different shapes and different surfaces. Glass holders are some of the most fundamental parts for your handrail, which ensures that your entire handrail is well connected with a focus on the safety of the glass. With a glass holder from EasyFix, you can be sure that your glass is really well attached.

Find different glass holders at EasyFix

Here at EasyFix, we have a burning desire to be your preferred choice when it comes to simple and beautiful solutions, especially in steel products. Our clear goal is to give you the best quality at the best prices, while at the same time you get personal service and professional advice. In our large assortment, you can therefore also find glass holders at extremely competitive prices. We hope that our many years of experience and knowledge of the industry can give you the best experience with us. Explore our large selection of glass holders here at EasyFix and find your favorite today.

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