How To Maintain Glass Balconies

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How To Maintain Glass Balconies

Do you know that one of the major impediments to a nice and wonderful view in a home is a lack of maintenance?  

Materials made out of glass all need to be taken care of properly from time to time to retain their value and keep serving their intended purpose. This is very important, especially for glass balconies. It might however seem impossible to maintain your glass balconies properly as cleaning alone can sometimes prove to be a daunting task. Easyfix offer high quality glass balconies at affordable rates.

Wondering how to maintain your glass balcony? Here is how.

Clean Your Glass Balconies Properly

You might be wondering if glass balconies are easy to clean without the help of a professional. The good news is; they are.

Before you clean your glass balconies, it is of ultimate importance that you first take some time to wholly examine them. This should not take long especially if you’ve been cleaning from time to time. During the inspection, make sure that the glass balcony is not showing any sign of damage or problems such as cracks or broken edges and corners. Look properly at the supports and glass brackets to ensure that they are still tightened or fastened to the glass properly and that the glass is not showing any sign of corrosion yet.

Also, ensure that there is no sign of a little water pool or collection of water droplets near the glass brackets or at the bottom of the glass as this can cause problems later on. When you visually inspect your balcony from time to time, you’ll be able to spot any issues on time before they become worse and cause more damage. You also make the cleaning process of the glass balconies easier and safer.

How To Clean Your Glass Balconies

It is recommended that you use a mixture of white vinegar and water( in a ratio of 1:1) when cleaning your glass balconies. Mix these properly in a bowl, pour them into a spray bottle, spray it on the surface of the glass balconies, and leave it on for sometime before using a clean towel to wipe it off. This works perfectly especially if the glass is covered with water droplet spots. 

If the glass balconies are covered in plenty of dirt and grime, it is recommended that you add three to five tablespoons of rinse acid to your mixture. Adding too much rinse acid could destroy your glass balconies. Dishwashers, ammonia, and detergents are also very effective glass balconies stain removal agents.

Avoid Placing Hard Objects Near Your Glass Balconies

Although glass balconies are durable, they can be very fragile. To maintain your glass balconies and prolong their lifespan, you must keep hard objects away from them.

Hard objects such as hammers, stones, ceramics, or even stronger glass can prove very harmful to your glass balconies. If these objects come in too close contact with the balcony, it can cause cracks or even cause the glass balcony to break.

As a result, it is best to keep hard objects away from glass balconies to maintain it and prolong its lifespan and longevity.

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